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New project - 2016 Mazda MX-5 aka Pandem ND Roadster

After many months of abusing my 2016 NSX body, I have decided to add some new pieces into my RC garage. Thanks to Michael Strobel from RC-BAP, I got my hands on the first one to come. Meet an ART Plastic Customs base for a 2016 Pandem MX-5!

Fitting the bumpers was quite tricky.

Following the molded lines was not a way to go. I had to progress very slowly, subtracting very small amount of material to get a correct fit.

Eventually I was ready to test fit all the parts.

I have decided to ditch the black screws included with the kit and use some silver M1x3mm from ebay I had laying around.

Everything screwed together.

Sexy back.

Trimming and test fitting finished!
In terms of quality, the body is nowhere near the Tamiya ones I have experience with. It is quite short on wheelbase and it will require an additional work to make it right. Yes, but I believe, once finished, it will be a really nice piece, which will compensate for every imperfection by its uniqueness.

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