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Worthouse Silvia S15 done and running!

In my last post, you could find the beginning of this project , so let's look on how the build went after the painting. This weekend I took the finished S15 on to the track and got some photos to share. Hope you will enjoy it! After finishing the paint, I started by cutting some vent holes to the hood to give some hint of the actual 1/1 hood design. Rear bumper fitted with a painted light buckets and attached to the body. I love the aggressive headlights look. A little effort goes a long way, when it comes to painting those. Finished body kit completes the shape of the car. Shoe-goo and M1x3mm screws never fail to attach all the parts properly. After painting the rear window edging and gluing the hood crack-opened, I started to shape the roll cage. The rear window is gonna be cut-open too. For now, it will stay empty, but, who knows, maybe I will add the fuel system some time in the future. Painting some screws as on

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