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Rocket Bunny RX-7 comes alive

Cya folks, welcome back at the second and final post about my Samurai RX-7! There is a lot of updates, so let's cut the intro short and get into it! If you missed it, check the start of this build.
Since the last post, I have made a rollcage using 5mm/3mm styrene sticks and 0,5mm styrene sheet glued with plastic model glue.

Painted by a red color to match the shell color scheme, it looks dope.

I have also fitted a simple styrene dashboard and glued both pieces in with shoe goo. Both side windows are cut opened to bring some more detail.

I have masked the intercooler and painted with black and silver from an angle to create an illusion of deep radiator ribs. Exhaust tip is made from an aluminum tube, wrapped around by electrical tape and painted by a nail polish to create a gloss finish.

Since there is no good place in the Rocket Bunny nose to add blinkers, I have drilled through the side mirrors and placed an orange LEDs inside. For the exhaust illumination, I decided to try two …

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