Sakura D4 finally tuned to perfection

3Racing Sakura D4 RWD with Tetsujin rims and DS-Racing tires

Whats up guys, how is it going? More than good here, thanks for asking!

If you have read my first article about Sakura D4, you know I struggled for a long, long time, making the chassis work up to my expectation. But a fair bit of sleepless nights and RCMart packages later, that day has finally come!

First push was a Prague Model Hobby expo. First I got a set of Tetsujin rims, which i pumped to 9mm offset to get more steering clearance. I packed them into DS-Racing RWD II carpet tires.

Prague Model Hobby expo 2017 RC Drift booth

I met some really experienced RWD drifters helping me with my setup, aiming to a better stability and control of the car.

Sakura D4 with 2016 Honda NSX body drifting

I have also added a little bit of gain on my gyro, which helped a ton and i finally started to enjoy the track.

Sakura D4 with 2016 Honda NSX body drifting

After I got back, I was so hyped, I made a record number of part orders during the following week.

Old and new - Hi-tec Aggressor and Sanwa MT-S

A brand new Sanwa MT-S radio was the first toy to arrive. My old Hi-tec was still working perfectly, but I wanted to have that extra options, especially slowing a servo speed (while gyro still operates in full speed) - that really helped with smoothness and precision of my driving.

3Racing Sakura D4 RWD - new electronics layout

Throwing a new receiver on, I have also redone the electronics layout, shifting everything rearwards, mainly for aesthetic purpose.

3Racing Sakura D4 RWD - dual shocks

I have also ditched a monoshock and returned back to two shocks, which feels better to me.

Yokomo RPG-302 gyro

Last bits of aluminum upgrades kept coming, but the next BIG thing was a Yokomo RPG-302 gyro. Dude, that thing just rocks!!

As soon as I found a sweet spot on the gain, something happened. I honestly don't know what is the magic inside gyros, but compared to my retiring Hobbyking cheapo (on which I don't have any valid complaint), the car has just changed.

Now the ride is smooth and controlled, no more glitching and driving corrections, it feels like a slow motion. I have plenty of time to aim the car any line I want, with ridiculous accuracy, mashing full throttle from the corners with confidence.

Gawd I love my D4!!!


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